A selected arrangement of collaborations and consultations with popular businesses.  

Super Rare 2019 - Present

Platform for selling and collecting digital art all purchased and backed by the blockchain and the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Framed 2018 - Present

Hardware and software platform for purchasing and displaying digital art in the physical world with traditional currency.

Digital Objects 2018

Platform for collecting digital art in a digital only space verified by the blockchain.

Planeta 2016 - Present

Technology company based in New York making software and hardware.

Mona Mask 2015

Virtual reality headset made from fabric for the iPhone.  Machine washable and fully adjustable. Patented in 2016 with Reiko Nakamura.

Giphy 2015 - Present

GIF company with a focus on making GIF images more accessible to everyone.

Electric Objects 2014

One of the first platforms that enabled the purchase and display of digital art in physical places.

To.Be 2013

An online collage creator that incorporated audio, video and imagery.  

Other past and current relationships include:
Facebook, Adobe, Infinite Objects, Oda, Spark AR, Epic Games, Curensea, NOOW Art Switzerland, Google Arts & Culture, Google X and the team at Google Earth.

If you have a new or established business that is curious about artists, creative direction, thoughtful marketing or user experience then please send along an email through the contact form below. 
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