Fine art represented in conceptual formats. Click the images below to open the standalone projects.
Porn Without Men 2018
Dozens of illustrations featuring nude women taken from pornography. The men are removed.  As a standalone website the illustrations are assembled into a 4 panel iFrame with the images being randomly displayed. 
The illustrations are done in 4 different art styles meant to mimic popular artists on Instagram.  The project was originally released on Instagram, however over time the posts have been flagged for violating content restrictions.
Professional Hiding 2010 - 2011
A series of paintings of celebrities and animals on wood.  The processes involved first painting in India ink and fabric markers.  Once the paintings were completed an electric sander was used to remove the paintings from the wood once completed. 
 This project was meant to mimic a popular but brief ~2010 trend in the art market of celebrity portraits. The final images were purposefully uploaded in low quality to an intentionally confusing portfolio website with no mention of the artist.