A series of web-based standalone art projects frequently using legacy HTML. Each image below links to the corresponding project, which are websites.


Cool Ascii 2016

Rejected Film Photographs.

Collection of 1500 rejected film photographs from Art College (2004-2009).  The order and duration is decided by a random string generated by the user's IP Address.

A companion sculpture project was released in 2017 and can be found here.

Hidden Hidden 2013 - Present Day

Online Repository.

Online repository of homemade GIF images, slices, PNGs, Audios and Videos. This project has been running since 2013 and is updated frequently with new images and videos.  

Hardy Diagrams 2015

Catalog of GIF images that analyze the popular actor Tom Hardy's many tattoos.

The images cycle through in a random order at slightly different durations.

Always Pretend 2014 (Broken)

Collaboration with Google X for the Google Glass hardware.  A series of 1st person videos taken during one Summer woven together in an "A" "B" maze.

This project used functionality that used to be built into YouTube.  Since the functionality has been retired the project no longer functions.

Video Game Project 2014

Online analysis of the popular video game GTA V released in 2013. 

The process involved recording time lapses videos from the game, analyzing them for motion, creating a single image from the motion, converting the image to audio and then back into an image. More information can be found on the site.

Mirrors & Rugs 2013

1100 page web maze of rejected artworks and notes. 

Featuring a video introduction where a person is hiding in the woods for each shot.  The actual maze was manually assembled over the course of hundreds of hours with the help of an artist assistant.

Boynt.in 2013

Dynamic GIF concept site.

Simple analysis showcasing the layering interaction between a series of GIFs. Wherever the transparent GIF moves it creates a new GIF.

Today 2013 - Present

The date on clouds.

An image of the Morro Castle, a video of the sky and today's Date.  Continuously running since 2013.

Susan Thime 2012

Imaginary Art Manager/Curator.

A website for an imaginary artist manager named Susan Thime.  Including individual artist emails, a custom telephone number and an address in New York.

VOLDM 2012

"Vintage Old Man" Audio and video web experience.

Additionally formed as an exercise in manipulating Google Image Search results via meta tags and layered webpages.

In 2015, most of the images on the site became the top corresponding image result in Google Image Search.

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